A Sovereign Grace Perspective

The Gospel is Godís power to save sinners from Satanís grip, sinís hold (its penalty Ė power Ė & practice), and selfís self-centeredness. The Gospel is Jesus crucified and risen, to take away the sins of all who would look upon Him with true repentance that leads to His Life of saving faith (Acts 11:18). The Gospel is the power to receive Jesus as risen Lord (sovereign); so that by faith we might share in His death, burial, resurrection, and enthronement, to know Him as Life!     

FindTrueIdentity.com is a web-outreach of NewHeart Expressions (ELM), a sovereign graced Exchanged Life Gospel ministry. What does it mean to be Exchanged Life? All our endeavors focus on helping people discover true identity in Jesus Christ. We are a discipleship organization, profiling how strugglers can overcome sinís habits, and live free of life-shattering addictions and false identities.

Theologically, this truth is referenced as Our Union with Christ. Practically, this truth is applied as Identification in Christ. What gives us a sovereign grace perspective? Recently, a sovereign grace minister summarized it like this ĖĎyou are (NewHeart Expressions is) more about the mechanics of how it works into and out of our livesí Ėi.e., our experience(s). When I first met this friend, he appropriately stated, ĎItís more about, who Jesus isí! Heís right. Yes, it is about who we are in Christ (identity), but it is even more about the Christ, who lives in us, expressing His Life in and through us. It is about His identity becoming our own (Colossians 1:27; 3:1-4).

Yes, there are some distinctives that distinguish Exchanged Lifers from Sovereign Gracers. But who we are and what happened to us In Christ, are unified truths that bring us together in Gospel ministry. NewHeart Expressions stands on that unified front teaching that God is sovereign, even over the heart of man. And humanity's freedom of choice begins and ends in the mystery of Godís sovereignty. He is the Alpha and the Omega Ėthe Beginning and the End!

A sovereign grace perspective isnít about our differences. Itís about sharing a passion for the Gospel. The grace of the Gospel of Jesus Christ rescues sinners from our in-born hopeless condition of sin-and-death.  The Gospel is Godís power to make us righteous (Romans 1:16-17). God exchanges our sin (i.e., our broken condition) for Jesusí righteous Life (2 Corinthians 5:21). And all of us, who look upon Christ Jesus with a repentance that leads to His Life of saving faith, become new creations of righteous Life, destined for right living in thought, choice, and feeling. Jesus sets captives free; to learn how to live free, from Godís Life living within (Galatians 5:1).   

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