This site is an outreach of NewHeart Expressions, a sovereign graced Xchanged Life ministry, dedicated to helping people discover identity in Jesus Christ. We share our passion for the Life-changing message of the Gospel, through blogging and online courses. 
Find True Identity is ‘The Course’, intended to encounter Jesus as: Lord, Lamb, Life, and Liberator...
That we might passionately follow Him as: Leader, Light, and LOVER!
This site is about opportunity and discovery. The pulse is discipleship. We are in the family business—in quest to go and make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). Our rhythm and passion is gospel-centric. What does that mean?  The Gospel of Jesus Christ rescues many from sin, making those rescued—righteous, and teaches the Righteous to live by faith (Romans 1:16-17). This site’s heartbeat is the discipleship of our Online Courses.   
These discipleship(s) come alongside those broken by life-shattering addictions and false identities, so we might journey together into the freedom and wholeness of God’s Life found only in Jesus Christ. We desire to see captives set free and living from the grace and truth of Jesus' Life living within. 
The site’s infrastructure is our Library & Media Center, serving you and our students with God's Word. The preaching of God's Word, both spoken and in writing, under the power of Holy Spirit, reprograms how we think, choose, and feel.  It grows us up, putting grace in place throughout our lives; setting us free to live free from sin’s habits (addictions and false identities). Through the lungs of Our Blog and Discussion Groups, we breathe the breath of God's Life, speaking on God & Sexuality. We invite you to join the discussion, by signing up as a member here.’s Breakout
Our site is laid out into three arenas:
  1. Welcome & In The News
This first section is open to all users –guests, members, and students.  You are invited to explore who we are, how we think/choose/ and feel about God and ourselves and you, and how we might interact together. Please follow us on Facebook, and help us grow friends.  We look forward to connecting. 
  1. Membership and Getting Involved
What are the privileges of joining  Glad you asked!
While guests of our site may view many pages and communicate with us via the Contact Us links and Open a Support Ticket, members may view and comment on Our Blog and our Member’s Discussion Group. Members may also view, print, and/or download from both the General and Member Sections of ourLibrary & Media Center, which contains many Exchange Life and Sovereign Grace Manuscripts & Writings and Media Resources. Members may also enroll as a student in our Online Courses and begin The Course: the Find True Identity Series 1 & 2.  Overtime, other discipleship(s) will be added to our Online Courses.   
Our ministry: NewHeart Expressions has commissioned us to connect with you and speak on God & Sexuality. We look forward to how God connects us, for doing-lifetogether and sharing Jesus with one another.  Sign up and join the discussion.  Grow with us! 
3.   Student Discipleship & Online Courses
Members are invited to enroll in our Online Courses. Once you are enrolled you may begin study immediately.  We look forward to sharing with you God’s Life and our True Identity found only in Jesus Christ. 
Not only do we do this via Online Courses, our Library & Media Center has four sections: General, Member, Student, and Restricted—and is an ever-growing set of resources about the Gospel and this great salvation Jesus has won for us. Remember we are always gospel-centric!
Our library is set up so that anyone may view the General Section. Members may view, print, and/or download from both the General and Member Sections. Only students and their mentors may view, print, and/or download from the Student Section. As a student, you will find not only Our Blog posts and Our Discussion Group topics, but the discipleship(s) you are taking from Online Courses may have links to various resources within our Library & Media Center.  And there is much more to explore in the volumes listed and linked therein. Archives of preachers, teachers, and ministries of grace from the past and the present are loaded into our library. The Library & Media Center is an ever-expanding project. As resources become available to us, we will make them available to you to assist you in your exploration and experience of God’s Life.   
There is one last library section –the Restricted Section— and it has limited access. Why? Our site provides mentors (if you so choose) to journey with you, as you study and grow in the grace and truth of our Lord and Life Jesus Christ. The Restricted Section contains various toolsets that equip mentors to encourage and/or exhort, in our journey together learning to live from Jesus’ Life. Some of these resources will be shared with you as you continue in discipleship. One day you might choose to mentor with us those, much like yourself today, broken by sin –personal sins and the sins of others perpetrated against them. If you make this choice, you will be invited to apprentice with another mentor(s) as you learn. Once approved, you too then may join our volunteer mentoring staff.

From time to time, we highlight churches, organizations, and leaders who are like-minded about the Gospel and our Identity in Christ. We call these Spotlights. These are ministry projects designed to encourage you in your walk into and from God's Life.
We are excited to connect with you, and hope you will journey with us, as we seek God and live!  
The NewHeart Expressions Ministry Team
And I (God) will give you a new heart, with new and right desires.
I will put a new spirit (God's Life) in you.

I will take out your stony, stubborn heart and give you a tender, responsive heart.
 And I will put my Spirit in you so... that you will live in freedom.
Ezekiel 36:26-28a, NLT
(emphasis belongs to NewHeart Expressions)