NewHeart Expressions exists to see:
many hearts captured by the grace of the gospel of Jesus Christ...
To see captives set free from life-shattering addictions and identities
and the painful deceptive insanity of sexual brokenness 
–such as: 
pornography, lust, impurities, infidelities, gender confusion 
unwanted opposite sexed attractions (OSA) and same-sexed attractions (SSA)
unwanted heterosexual and homosexual behaviors
and other unwanted sexual and relational conflict haunting our culture and lives.
NewHeart Expressions (NHE), founded by Ron Browning, serves as an outreach platform to sexually broken men and their families.  Having traveled this same journey –in thought, choice, and feeling— Ron desires to share the answer of Jesus’ Life, through NHE’s online courses and blog.  NHE is an Exchanged Life ministry, existing to introduce the sexually broken to Jesus. 
The sexually broken are flooded, not only with intense passions in conflict, but with paralyzing fear, self-focus and selfish ambition, anger, false perceptions and repressed truth, misguided anxieties, and the many assorted destructive habits we all encounter.  As the broken pass from sin-and-death and are awakened to God’s forgiveness-and-Life(John 5:24; Romans 5:10), we are empowered to walk into true wholeness and freedom (Romans 6).  Condemnation fades in the light of our atoning Lamb’s forgiveness; and self-living is exchanged for Jesus’ Life, living in and through us.  Freedom from the failures of sin’s habits is overcome by His grace and truth!  The Gospel sets captives FREE to live FREE! (Galatians 5:1)              
We desire to see every person discover the POWERFUL Life of Purity;
by knowing and experiencing Jesus as LORD, Lamb, LIFE, and Liberator;
and growing to know Him as our Leader, Light, and LOVER!
Jesus’s Life is the ultimate expression of Heaven and of the "new heart"!