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Wecolme back! And Congrats!  You have completed 'The Find True Identity Series' course. We are so glad you have chosen to continue your discipleship with  Here's the process of how that works.  
As you complete a disicpleship course, you are inivted to add another discipleship to your Enrollment from the list of available courses below.  You are welcome to add courses or repeat a course, by simply clicking on the cooresponding link.  To complete the Alumni Track, you can add the 'Where's Your Heart?' course to your Enrollment, by clicking the appropirate link in the list below.
The Alumni Track:
The Find True Identity Series:
Set Free To Live Free
Live Free coz U r Free
Soaring Free 
'Where's Your Heart?'
Add-on Courses:
Origins & Dysfunctions
Created Intent
Humanity's Conundrum 
Advanced Courses:
The Mentorship Course:
Tier 1: Learn To Encourage
Tier 2: Learn To Exhort
Tier 3: Learn To Educate
Tier 4: Learn Biblical Strategy
Tier 5: Learn NewHeart Expressions
Proclaim (A Sovereign Grace Course By Jim Donohue)
The Exchanged Life:
Grace Fellowship Counseling Institute
Network 220 Training
IFEL Online School
Extra-ministry Courses:
The Bridge (A Sovereign Grace Course By Jim Donohue)
How To Exchange Your Life For A New One (A Church Discipleship By Phil Jones)
For Me To Live Is Christ (A Grace Fellowship Exchanged Life Conference)
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