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Born Gay or Not? (PART 4: Overcoming the Sin that Haunts)
I am no longer a ‘gay man’.  This reality being true from the very moment I received Jesus as my sovereign Lord and atoning Lamb, in saving faith.  From that moment, Jesus became my LIFE!  …and I became a ‘new creation’ in Him. 
 A new creation!  2 Corinthians 5:17-21 teaches me that Jesus exchanged His righteousness for my sin.  He became sin so that I could become right.  Read with me:
For God made Christ, who never sinned, to become sin itself*,
so that we could be made right with God through Christ.
(2 Corinthians 5:21, NLT)
My ‘thinker and feeler’ just needed to catch up with what God had to say about me.  As a new creation, I possess the right living of Jesus inside my NewHeart.  His righteous perfection lives in me!  That means, because I am in Jesus and He is in me, I am as righteous as Him.  Hallelujah!!!  My behavior isn’t always righteous; but righteousness is the condition of my NewHeart; because Jesus lives within my spirit. 

The Romans 6 Equation
The Romans 6 Equation has become my starting place each day, as I ask the Lord how to exchange all the lies I once held dear for God’s Truth.  In order to experience my new condition, I begin each morning knowing that I am dead to sin (dead to the sin of homosexual behavior, gay thoughts and feelings).  Knowing my new condition as dead to sin and alive in Jesus.  Dead to gay living and alive to Jesus pure living!   
Contrary to popular opinion, my sexual orientation and attractions changed.  I was no longer desirous that men would come to know me for my sexual pleasure; but that those men would encounter Jesus!  A new passion for men ignited within my heart; that they would be another captive set free. 
Right living?  Freedom from the slavery of a false god named ‘gay sex’, porn, genital worship, etc.
As I began to know and absorb the truth, I reckoned the truth as mine, trusting that I was no longer a gay man.  I believed what God had to say about me; instead of my past thoughts, choices, and feelings.  As I took possession of that truth (reckoning), I was empowered to yield all my ins-and-outs to Holy Spirit and abandon myself to Jesus’ LIFE, expressed in and through me.  Jesus began to use all my parts for His pleasure and praise – and to my benefit!  Being surrendered, I was then empowered to walk in obedience to God’s Truth, free of lying, thievery, and homosexuality.  Overtime I became free, even of gay thoughts and feelings, as Holy Spirit applied the Romans 6 Equation, reprogramming my thinker, chooser, and feeler. 
Christ has set us free to live a free life
(Galatians 5:1a, NLT). 
The Screams
Certainly, my flesh still screams for attention.  Though my spirit (i.e., my nature, identity, and awareness) has been saved from sin, and my soul (i.e., my thinker, chooser, and feeler) is being saved, this ole body (with its senses, chemical reactions, and genetic appetites) will not be saved until Jesus’ glorious return.  My flesh –your flesh— continues to haunt us with sins; because it is tainted by sin.  Sin courses the veins of our sinful bodies; and our bodies do scream for attention.  All those chemical reactions do POP!  Our flesh desires to get its needs met any place but Jesus Christ; so it SCREAMS! 
Fifteen years ago, my flesh screamed gay sex will meet my longings and satisfy my most inner person.  But the flesh lies!  As I abandoned myself to God’s Life within, the whispers of Holy Spirit grew louder than the screams.  So the flesh looks for new ways to scream at me.  It uses more subtle tactics. 
But there is a secret!
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