Welcome! to Discipleship

It's our privilege, here at NewHeart Expressions (NHE), to journey with you through NHE's FindTrueIdentity Discipleship:

  • Course 1: Basics
  • Course 2: Perspectives
  • Course 3: Making Disciples

Most of you will spend two or three years with us; working through FindTrueIdentity Basics. You will journey through the Bible's Romans—the Getting Saved  section (chapters 1-4) and the Living Saved section (chapters 5-8). Learning the nature, identity, and destiny of unrighteous sinners and God's righteous children. Learning how and why God's wrath seems to always hunt, haunt, and habit you. And how the righteous (those born of God) are empowered to overcome the sin, sins, and sinning of God's wrath. From which your brokenness and struggles stem. It's an exciting journey; filled with many painful difficulties. 

Basics consists of 8 teachings. Each teaching is followed by a Q&A section and a diagnostiX assignment. diagnostiX, spelled just as your see here, is the FindTrueIdentity Homework Platform. Consisting of five diagnostiX documents (forms): Protectorates, Life Messages, Connections, Paradigms, and Encounters. Which helps apply Biblical Strategies to your everyday struggles. Struggles which often seem like giants; impossible to defeat. diagnostiX helps you and your mentor learn how you think, choose, and feel the way you do. And why. How Holy Spirit reprograms your disordered thinking. Redeems your destructive choices. And remediates (heals) your damaged emotions. Ultimately overcoming sin's hunts, haunt's and habits, through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Some of you will continue discipling with us for another one to two years, completing our second course: FindTrueIdentity Perspectives. Learning to think how God thinks, even feel how God feels. It's a deeper consideration of all that you've already learned about God and others, about you and your struggles. Then a few of you will complete the FindTrueIdentity Discipleship with FindTrueIdentity Making Disciples. Learning to make disciples, helping new students on their own FindTrueIdentity journey.



FindTrueIdentity Discipleship begins with the Enrollment Course.  This five section course helps you and NewHeart Expressions learn if the FindTrueIdentity Discipleship is for you. Each course is a commitment. It takes time and effort. It's like going to school and learning a new way to read or do math. It's a new way of thinking, choosing, and feeling. It's reprograming your soul with new hardware and software. It's an exchange of you old life for a new one. How you think for a new way of thinking. How you make choices with new ways to make choices. How you feel with new feelings. And it takes time. Time to rewrite, not only your brain's synaptics, but your heart's as well.   

Think of it like this. If you've been consuming porn for a year or two, a decade or two; something that has left you broken and beyond repair, how long do you think it's gonna take to find wholeness (freedom and healing)? Wouldn't it be worth it, to invest at least a year or two, may be three to five in freedom and healing? What would freedom look like? Healing? 

Whether it's straight porn, gay porn, bi, trans, SMS; or child and/or other illegal forms of porn. Or acting out that porn and brokenness with others. Regardless of where you've been, or how shamed you might be, you are WELCOME here, at NeTo journey with us into wholeness—freedom and healing.



We at NewHeart Expressions believe that God's created design for humanity's sexuality is one of two gifts: 

  • Singleness & Celebacy 

... ... ... 

  • Covenant Marriage

God's gift of marriage is the only biblical strategy for sexual expression. God requires a covenant of marriage  between one man and one woman for life (until death do us part). This boundary allows for true intimacy and procreation. Any other sexual expression, outside these boundaries is wrong. Sinful.

We also believe that humanity's sin-condition has programmed us with sinful thoughts, choices, and feelings about sex and sexuality. A brokenness that can only find wholeness (i.e. freedom and healing) in the Grace of the Gospel (Jesus). The Gospel by which we get saved and learn to lived saved.