NHE's Find True Identity Discipleship                                                                          (links will activate soon) 



Page of Contents


  • PART 1: Enrollment (8 to 12 hours... over 1 to 3 days)     
    • The Enrollment Form (demographic and personal information)
    • The Enrollment Essays (two personal essays complied from the responses you provide to a series of forms) 
      1. My Storyyou're asked a series of questions that produce a series of responses to tell your story
      2. Defining My Problemyou're asked a series of questions that produce a series of responses to share your problem(s)... your presenting problem(s)
  • ​​​​​​PART 2: Orientation A—The Message of the Cross (36 hours over 1-to-3-months)    
    • Galatians 2:20 Teachings (8 to 12 hours) 
      • The New Testament Teaching and Q&A of Galatians 2:20
      • Its Old Testament Twin and Q&A of Isaiah 40:31
      • The New Testament Teaching and Q&A of 2 Corinthians 5:21
      • Its Old Testament Twin and Q&A of Isaiah 61:10
    • The NewHeart & Lifeline Diagram Series (12 to 18 hours divided into 90-minute sessions)                      (both diagrams adapted with permission from Grace Fellowship International; originates from Dr. Charles Solomon's Handbook to Happiness Wheel & Line Diagrams, chapter 2) 
    • The 1 John Salvation Garden Workshop (12 hours)                                                                  (adapted with permission from Dr. Phil Jones': How To Exchange Your Life for a New One; originates from J.C. Ryle's Are You Born Again?)​​​​​​
  • PART 3: Orientation B—Learning diagnostiX: (36 hours over 1-to-3-months)                                   NHE's Discipleship Tools & the FTID Strategy Platform                                                                    

Learning how to use 8 journaling tools:

  • In diagnostiX PART 1 we learn about God & You...                                                                        and there's four diagnostiX to help:
    • Protectorates: learning to explain, self-talk, and pray God's Word.
    • Life Messages: learning how I think, choose, and feel the way I do, and why.
    • Connections: learning to connect emotions with God's Word. 
    • Paradigms: learning to connect thoughts with God's Word.
  • In diagnostiX PART 2 we learn about the differences in the self-life & Jesus' Life...                   and there's four diagnostiX to help: 
    • The Grace Walk (TGW): learning to strategically live from Jesus' Life.                                  * exchanging old beliefs for new 
    • The Faith Walk (TFW): learning to strategically live by faith.                                                  * KNOW—RECKON—YIELD—WALK
    • The Ruse Walk (D&D): learning to identify and strategically exchange the enemy's schemes for God & His Word—for God's delights & desires.                                                  * resolving desires in conflict 
    • The Pledge Walk (NIDE): learning to strategically live as more than a conqueror.                * e.g., by using The Armor of God, The Fruit of the Spirit, Psalm 1, etc.




You can always email Pastor Ron at Ron.Browning@FindTrueIdentity.com to find out more about starting NHE's Find True Identity Discipleship... just remember, NHE's FTID has a specific path to follow:

  1. FTID 101—ENROLLMENT & ORIENTATION: The Message of the Cross 
  2. FTID 201BASICS: Identity from the Bible's Romans 1-8
  4. FTID 401PERSPECTIVES: Identity from the Bible's Romans 9-16
  5. FTID 501—TBA: Identity from the Bible's ... ... ... 

FTID involves: Teachings and Q&As, Diagrams & diagnostiX, and Workshops