Remedial Care: How It All Works

Many who enroll in Find True Identity Discipleship, journey with NHE for several years. So, we refer to these students as first years, second years, third years, and so forth. (I know... it's a Hogwarts thing 😂.) And we have a few long term students: fifth years, eighth years and sixteenth years; really... we are all lifetime students of God, His Life, and His Word. You know, true Christianity is evidenced by our love for community. We really like hanging out

Each FTID year consists of three semesters, followed by a sabbatical. Listed as follows: 

  • The Spring Semester is February, March, & April; May being Spring Sabbatical. 
  • The Summer Semester is June & July; August being Summer Sabbatical.  
  • The Fall Semester is September, October, & November; the week of December 15th through the week of January 20th (about 5 to 6 weeks relatively) being Winter Sabbatical. 

First Years accomplish accomplish Enrollment & Orientation, along with Basics Part 1 (12 to 18 months). Second Years generally accomplish at least half of Basics Part 2 (again, another 12-to-18 months); leaving the latter half of Basics Part 2 for Third Years (another 12-to-18 months). If all goes well, Fourth & Fifth Years move to monthly sessions, then quarterly. Graduating to annual Check-ins (for a total of 12-to-36 months, more or less).

Adding Perspectives to the fourth and fifth years may increase the time commitment. Each year includes three sets of activity: corrective, counteractive, and curative. Providing each student the time and the remedial care they need to overcome the depths of sexual and relational brokenness that hunts, haunts, and habits their thoughts, choices, and feelings with the freedom and healing of God's Life.


FTID has several study approaches:

  • Independent Study: where students enroll but move through the courses independently; however, NHE highly recommends taking the FTID journey with someone (e.g., a close friend, a pastor or teacher, a parent, etc.) A trusted person who will serve you with partnership and accountability).
  • Email Study: where students journey with NHE's biblical strategist & mentor, Ron Browning, by email
  • Remedial Care: where Ron journeys through FTID mentoring students with remedial care, via Zoom sessions, email, and telephone/text.   


NOTE: You Might Be Wondering 

Why does it take 12 to 18 months to complete each year? Simply put... if you total the estimated times to complete each part of Basics, and there are three and consider three annual sabbaticals. It generally takes students 12 to 18 months to complete each year. Some less, others more. Also, you should consider that FTID's biblical strategist and mentor, Ron Browning, needs time with family and friends, and to rest his damaged brain 🤪. And so do you! 


NOTE: And You Might Be Wondering 

What does NHE charge for Find True Identity Discipleship? The cost is $0.00. That's ZERO dollars!

All aspects or all NHE courses do NOT have any costs. However, this ministry has expenses. So, you're invited (if you want... if you're Holy Spirit lead... if you're able...) to join the NHE Support Team as Prayer Warriors and/or Donors. We always appreciate your prayers, and are grateful for your generosity. So, please consider visiting our support page. But NEVER let money or the lack thereof be an excuse or reason for not enrolling in Find True Identity Discipleship and seeking the help you or someone you love desires and/or needs. 



You can always email Pastor Ron at Ron.Browning@FindTrueIdentity.com to find out more about starting NHE's Find True Identity Discipleship... just remember, NHE's FTID has a specific path to follow:

  1. FTID 101—ENROLLMENT & ORIENTATION: The Message of the Cross 
  2. FTID 201BASICS: Identity from the Bible's Romans 1-8
  4. FTID 401PERSPECTIVES: Identity from the Bible's Romans 9-16
  5. FTID 501—TBA: Identity from the Bible's ... ... ... 

FTID involves: Teachings and Q&As, Diagrams & diagnostiX, and Workshops