NHE's Find True Identity Discipleship:
Here's How It Works
Find True Identity Discipleship (FTID) consists of the following five series:
  • BASICSThe Message of the Cross 
  • ESSENTIALS & PERSPECTIVES: Find True Identity in the Bible's Romans
  • GOD'S SALVATION GARDENFind True Identity in the Bible's 1 John
  • ORIGINS & DYSFUNCTIONSFind True Identity from the Bible's Genesis 
The online 100 series—Basics—launches 2022... however and as always, you can email Pastor Ron at Ron.Browning@FindTrueIdentity.com to find out more about starting NHE's Find True Identity Discipleship before the online school launches...
NHE's Find True Identity Discipleship school has three semesters each year, as follows: 
  • The Fall Semester is: September, October, and November... followed by—
    • The Winter Break is: December/January
  • The Spring Semester is: February, March, and April... followed by—  
    • The Spring Break is: May
  • The Summer Semester is: June & July 
    • The Summer Break is: August   
An FTID series most often consists of multiple courses; however, some courses stand alone... 
Each series (the 100's—500's) has multiple courses (e.g., 101, 102, 103; 201, 202, 203; etc.), and most courses have multiple sections (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, etc.). Each course journeys you through multiple phases—the counseling phase, the corrective phase, and the check-in phase. This considered, each course should be completed as follows:
BASICS (Discipleship 100's) has multiple parts, each taking 1 or 2 semesters to complete... followed by 1 or 2 semesters of monthly check-ins...
Yes, Basics can be completed in less than a year... but for most, it takes 12 to 18 months of weekly sessions, graduating to bi-weekly sessions, followed by a period of monthly check-ins…
i.e., Basics consists of 48-60 hours (maxing out at 72hrs) completed in of 90-minute weekly, then biweekly, then monthly; but there is another path—the fast track: 3 to 5 marathon weekends (sometimes in groups), followed by a period of monthly check-ins
ESSENTIALS & PERSPECTIVES (Discipleship 200's): an identity exegesis of the Bible's Romans:
Essentials (FTID 201; Romans 1-8) takes 6 to 9 semesters (2 to 3 years)  to complete... followed by—
Perspectives (FTID 202; Romans 9-16) taking another 3 semesters (1 year)... followed by—
E&P Check-ins (FTID 203; Psalm 119)  of monthly, graduating to semester, and then to annual 30-to-90-minute sessions for 3 to 9 semesters (maxing out at 3 years).. our longest course... 
DISCIPLES MAKE DISCIPLES takes 1 to 2 semesters to complete...
with an additional 1 to 2 semesters for each tag on (e.g., FTID Mentorship 202 & 203)     
GOD'S SALVATION GARDEN takes 1 to 2 semesters depending with exact timeframes TBA     
ORIGINS & DISFUNCTIONS: takes 3 semesters depending with exact timeframes TBA  

​​​​You can always email Pastor Ron at Ron.Browning@FindTrueIdentity.com to find out more about starting NHE's Find True Identity Discipleship... FTID involves: Teaching Sessions, Q&A Sessions, Workshops, and Diagrams; all in the context of diagnostiX—NHE's Remedial Care Platform. And please note that FTID has a specific path we all follow:
FTID 101—BASICS: The Message of the Cross 
FTID 201—ESSENTIALS & PERSPECTIVES: Find True Identity in the Bible's Romans
FTID 401—GOD'S SALVATION GARDEN: Find True Identity in the Bible's 1 John
FTID 501—ORIGINS & DISFUNCTIONS: Find True Identity from the Bible's Genesis