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An Invite To My Story
Today, I want to share my story. My journey out of the miseries of sexual and relational brokenness into the joys of living from God’s Life—Jesus' righteous Life of purity and faithfulness. Learning how to exchange both the pleasures and the pains of sexual and relational sinning—the selfish addictions of self-worship—the self-centered and self-absorbed mindset—the self-defeating and self-crushing emotions. Exchanging sin’s hunts, haunts, and habits for Jesus’ Life of grace and truth. Set free to trust and obey. Set free to worship the true and Eternal Life—Jesus Christ—instead of me, myself, and I.

Learning to embrace Jesus as my sovereign Lord, forgiving Lamb, and saving Life. Growing to experience Him as my rescuing Liberator, all-wise Leader, and Light-Source of Grace & Truth. So, I may enjoy Jesus as the perfect Lover of my Soul, now and forever! 

I founded NewHeart Expressions as a platform to disciple broken men like myself. Those whom God has granted, is granting, or will grant a repentance that ignites a Life of saving faith within. Those who heart’s desire is for an alternative to porneia—to sexual immorality—to any and all types of sexual activity, outside God’s boundaries of covenant marriage between one man and one woman.  

Over the last twenty plus years of living in freedom. Of learning to live from Jesus’ Life of purity and faithfulness within. God has granted me the wisdom needed to disciple other sexually and relationally broken men, with the grace and truth of God’s Word. is designed to challenge you to discover your true identity and freedom in Christ, and the sexual and relational wholeness He brings to our lives. Why? We are broken people, in need of His help and healing.


It would be my privilege to share with you:

Born Gay or Not!?

a testimony of Jesus’ Life living in and through ron browning


Live Free coz’ U r Free!


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