Born Gay or Not?                                                                                                         True Repentance Demonstrated
Meet Our Founder: Ron Browning  
Ron’s Bio
Ron Browning is the founder of and a Biblical Strategist for NewHeart Expressions, a sovereign graced, Exchanged Life ministry. He was born August 29, 1966; and grew up in the loving home of a Reformed Baptist preacher, enjoying gospel music, voice, and piano. Ron went off to Jacksonville Baptist College in 1984 to study music, moving to Edmond Oklahoma the following year where he spent some time at Central State University. He served as the worship leader of a local church, where he married. His wife brought two sons into their marriage and together they had another.    


A Dark Secret Exposed
Though life appeared good to anyone looking on, Ron harbored a secret. Homosexuality had haunted his life, from the early age of six. Same sexed attractions erupted into every thought, choice, and emotion during his preteen and teen years. Homosexuality screamed and consumed him; even marriage didn’t challenge that passion.  Lying, stealing, and a hidden predatory gay life destroyed family, friends, and him.  But our loving Jesus Christ –Sovereign and Savior—intervened and saved Ron from Satan’s grip of sin and his own rebellion.     
October 31, 1994 the Lord Jesus captured Ron with the grace of the gospel. After twenty-two years of refusing to repent of homosexuality –in thought, choice, and feeling— the Lord sovereignly intervened. It was a divine rescue from an eternal death in hell. Ron was set free to learn how to live free from the hauntings of same sex attraction and homosexual behavior.
The Journey
From November of 94 through November of 2002, Holy Spirit transformed Ron from a lying thief into a man of integrity; putting grace in place, as he came to know Jesus as Lord, Life, and Liberator overcoming homosexuality, free to live faithful and pure.      
As consequence for many fraudulent crimes and sexual exploitations, prison consumed four-and-a-half-years of his life from 1994-2001. While in prison, Ron devoured the Scriptures in a discipleship correspondence program, for prison residents, provided through Mount Zion Bible Institute. He encountered an ever-deepening relationship of knowing and experiencing Jesus as Life. Soon after his release from prison, Ron was privileged to meet and be mentored by Drs. Charles Solomon and John Woodward of Grace Fellowship International (GFI).
From a chastened heart, Ron has surrendered himself unto the Lord. He has accepted God’s call to make disciples of men. GFI’s Dr. John Woodward witnessed and confirmed Ron’s calling and gifting into a discipleship ministry. He helped Ron establish NewHeart Expressions, as an outreach platform, for introducing the sexually broken to Jesus Christ as the perfect Lover.
This mentoring relationship between Ron and Grace Fellowship has provided training and certification in Spirituotherapy, an Exchanged Life discipleship counseling model. Since that time, Ron has been accepted as a member of the Association of Exchanged Life Ministries (March 2010), now known as Network 220; and was commissioned as a minister into the Gospel Ministry, April 1, 2012.
Ron’s Hope
Jesus’ Life has rescued Ron with a living hope. From selfish rebellion to a humbled compassion the Lord has brought Ron out of many deceptions into the marvelous grace and truth of knowing Jesus as Life. What an exchange! What great HOPE! 
God celebrates over Ron, with dancing and song; telling a story of grace that reaches down into the lowest depths to raise a dead man to Life!   One song in this wonderful Life is the lovely Susan Hope Day, who accepted his proposal of marriage. They wed January 17, 2009. And as the Scriptures promise –Hope never disappoints!
Hope is an RN working in home health. Ron and Hope share six children, of which three are adults: Eric, Carrie, and Aaron. Eric is 32 and a deputy sheriff and is engaged to be married. Carrie is a nic-u nurse at University of Colorado Health, where she serves as a clinical scholar. Aaron works for Dr. Pepper; and has given two grandchildren to Ron and Hope, making them grandparents since their early mid-forties.
The GraceLife Continues
Ron continues to be excited about discipleship. He is thrilled about NewHeart Expressions’ rebrand as an online course and blog website, at He is looking forward to writing and blogging on God and sexuality, to see captives set free by the Gospel.   
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True Repentance Demonstrated