The History of NewHeart Expressions
NewHeart Expressions (NHE) was founded in November 2002, as a ministry platform for Ron Browning to reach out to the brokenhearted with the grace of Godís Life. After discipling men for a few years, Ron was searching for a venue to journey alongside men trapped in the appetites and behaviors of homosexuality.
NewHeart Expressions Founding -2002
In the fall of 2002, Ron attended the Exchanged Life Conference and Workshop, and the Solomon Institute of Spirituotherapy at Grace Fellowship International in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. Drs. Charles Solomon and John Woodward, along with Pastor Stony Shaw served as presenters of the Exchanged Life message. This message ignited Ronís heart to see captives set free from sinís habits. Shortly following this event Dr. Woodward assisted Ron in establishing and incorporating NewHeart Expressions.
Holy Spirit birthed NewHeart Expressions within Ronís heart, several years before while in prison, out of Ezekiel 36:25-28 (NLT), which reads:
'Then I (the Sovereign Lord) will sprinkle clean water on you, and you will be clean.
Your filth will be washed away, and you will no longer worship idols.  
And I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in you.
I will take out your stony, stubborn heart and give you a tender, responsive heart.   
And I will put my Spirit in you so that you will follow my decrees and be careful to obey my regulations.
And you will liveÖ You will be my people, and I will be your God.'
Ron is convinced; Godís gift of the NewHeart and Jesusí Lifeexpresses God's intent, within all those belong to Him. The New Testament complements the Lordís promise in Ezekiel. 
This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person.
The old life is gone; a new life has begun! 
(2 Corinthians 5:17, NLT).  
Godís NewHeart and Life is given to all who belong to Jesus Christ Ėto all who believe. TheNewHeart then expresses Godís Heart and Life within us. It is no longer about following the rules; itís about following the Person ĖJesus, Godís Son.    
NewHeart Expressions 2003Ė2004
During the early years, Dr. John Woodward, Executive Director of Grace Fellowship International (GFI), served as Ronís mentor; while GFI served as parent to NewHeart Expressions (NHE). These relationships have served both Ron and NHE well, through the years. Another relationship helped in NHEís establishment. Friends, Rick and Sarah Apperson, assisted in ministry efforts and development.    
At first, Ron mentored with several online discipleship ministries; and provided discipleship counseling telephonically, for those held captive to pornography, heterosexual immoralities, same-sexed attractions (SSA) and homosexual behavior, and adult/child sexual misconduct. The conference workshop ĖPOWER of Purityówas then developed and held in Pigeon Forge Tennessee, in 2003/04; seeing men discover much freedom from sexual brokenness. This conference workshop invited 3 to 5 men (and their wives and/or parents) to journey from the sexual brokenness invading their lives, into sexual wholeness that can only be found in JesusíLife.    
NewHeart Expressions 2005
The POWER of Purity(POP) Tour served as NewHeart Expressions Exchanged Life conference workshop, as Ron began traveling in 2004/05. He served as POPís main speaker and remedial discipler; hosted in churches, schools, and homes, from Miami Florida to northern B.C. Canada. The POP tour witnessed, Jesus setting captives free from sinís habits and haunting lifestyles, in the areas of sexual and relational disorder. God restored men and their families. He healed men and boys Ėyoung and oldó their manhood (identity), masculinity (broken maleness, gender issues), and marriages, even their ministries (when applicable).
By this time, a five member board and three advisors served the oversight of NewHeart Expressions (NHE); and NHE held five on staff throughout North America. On May 5, 2005 Ron and his family were in an automobile accident. Ron suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI); and spent the following five years in recovery. The members of NewHeart Expressions moved onto various ministries and life pursuits, because Ron could not continue in ministry at that time, and had failed to train others to continue when he could not.            
NewHeart Expressions 2006Ė2009
NHE was reestablished in 2006. One of Ronís therapy assignments in recovery, was to learn what he could and could not do in ministry. To this end, Lee LeFebre, President of Exchanged Life Ministries (ELM) Colorado, provided Ron the opportunity to investigate his remaining proficiencies. Doug Gehm (ELM counselor) was asked to assist Ron in the POWER of Purity Conference Workshop in February 2006. Over the course of that year, Ron learned he was not ready to reenter ministry outside the scope of one-to-one discipleship via Skype. So NewHeart Expressions was revamped as an online ministry, so that Ron could continue serving. 
When Ron awoke from coma in 2005, he was cognitively and emotionally a 2-yearold. He had lost approximately two decades of memory. As time passed and Ron progressed, his memory loss was reduced to about 10 years. Though the surface of that decade is retained, he has lost most of the details. There is one exception Ėthe Word of God. When Ron awoke, he knew belonged to Jesus his Lord and Life, and because of Jesus he was accepted and loved by Father God. He still knew much Scripture, which he contributes to Godís grace and his dadís instilling of the Word, conceptually and through memorization, from such an early age. He also understood and could communicated the Exchanged Life. 
The issue for Ron in 2006 -2009 was extreme social fatigue; and to a degree this deficiency continues. In social settings he tires quickly; and the rest required during those first years, was 12 to 15 hours each day. During these years, Ron found a small church of seniors to attend. As he continued to heal, he led worship from the piano and eventually served as their interim pastor. He seemed to always do fine, one-on-one; but in groups of more than five, when interaction was required, he tired and still tires quickly. 
During 2009, while serving in ministry and leadership, Ron married one Susan Hope Day (Hope), a godly and loving woman, serving as a home-health nurse (RN). Ronís relationship with Hope has brought about much healing. God has been extraordinarily gracious to both Ron and Hope, in bringing them together.  Ron often says, ĎHope never disappointsí!       
NewHeart Expressions 2010-2013
As NHE developed, Ron was privileged to journey with eight men, in quest of freedom from porn and the gay-life, in 2010. 2011 brought even more healing; the Lord strengthened him to walk with fifteen men. In 2012 Ron journeyed with almost two dozen. During 2012, Ron was commissioned by the Association of Exchanged Life Ministries (renamed: Network 220 in 2013), as a minister of the Gospel. He also began, as an online missionary, with cruís Global Media Outreach (GMO), sharing the Gospel with those trapped in sexual sin and connecting them to viable Christian ministries, churches, and counselors. 
As 2013 dawned, Ron continued working with GMO, seeing hundreds exposed to the Gospel and quest for freedom. Ron continued teaching NewHeart Living to sexually broken men, of all ages, via email and Skype.  By years end, Ron watched Jesus take almost thirty men from sexual brokenness into sexual wholeness.  Over the last two years, Ron has also been blogging and writing in several venues, concerning homosexuality.
NewHeart Expressions 2014
For several years, Ron has held a dream that is becoming reality this year. Ron has rewritten thePOWER of Purity Conference Workshop as an interactive discipleship online course, under the name ĎThe Course: the Finding True Identity Seriesí.  The Course will be made available at, throughout 2015. It is Ronís hope to release one new freedom course onsite, at least every other year. 
NewHeart Expressionsí site rebrand, as, will serve, not only with online discipleship courses in mind, but for Ron and other Exchanged Lifers and Sovereign Gracers to blog. Our blogs and discussions will speak to Godís NewHeart, specifically regarding a manís journey from sexual brokenness into wholeness. 
NewHeart Expressionsí Relationship with Exchanged Lifers
NewHeart Expressions is an Exchanged Life ministry, whose founder Ron Browning is a member of Network 220. Network 220 (formerly known as the Association of Exchanged Life Ministries) commissioned Ron, as a minister of the Gospel, April 2012. Previously, Ron was trained and certified by Grace Fellowship International (2002) and Exchanged Life Ministries Colorado (2007), as an Exchanged Life counselor. 
As an Exchanged Life minister and counselor, Ron specializes in the journey, with sexually broken men and their families, toward sexual wholeness. Having traveled this same path himself in thought, choice, and feeling Ronís desire is to introduce men of all ages and walks to Jesus óthe Perfect Lover!
The sexually broken are flooded with, not only intense passions in conflict, but with paralyzing fear, self-focus and selfish ambition, anger, false perceptions and repressed truth, misguided anxieties, and the many assorted destructive habits we all encounter. 
Any significant and lasting change must be made, with an Xchanged identity!
As the broken pass from sin-and-death into Godís Life(John 5:24) and learn to live from this new Life (Romans 6), we are empowered to walk in freedom and wholeness! As Jesus becomes our Lord and Life (Life-Source), He Liberates us from the captivity of sinís haunting habits, to live free from sexual brokenness in His Light and Love of sexual wholeness!
Sin-and-death are awakened to forgiveness-and-Life! Condemnation fades into the Light of forgiveness. Self-living is exchanged for JesusíLife. The failures of sinís habits are overcome by Grace and Truth! The Gospel sets captives FREE to live FREE! (Galatians 5:1)
We desire to see every person discover the POWERFUL Life of Purity,
by coming to know and experience Jesus as LORD, Lamb, LIFE, and Liberator;
that you might passionately follow Him as Leader, Light, and LOVER!
Jesusís Life is the ultimate expression of Heaven and of the "new heart"!