Students & Online Courses

Jesus commissioned Christians to be about the family business of making disciples. is NewHeart Expression's online discipleship platform.  We have written The Course: Find True Identity Series with this specific purpose in mind.  
Making disciples is all about introducing people to Jesus. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is good news for the sinner and the saved.  Discipleship is coming alongside those who are lost and dying in their sin, and destined for hell.  It is introducing them to Jesus as the risen Lord that they might come to know Him, through a repentance that leads to a Life of saving faith.
The Gospel continues its journey; speaking truth into our lives. It is coming to know and experience Jesus as LORD, Lamb, LIFE, and Liberator. That we might live forever, in God’s eternal presence.  That we might live forgiven, instead of condemned. That we might be empowered, for right living. That we might overcome haunting sins, knowing we have been set us free, to live free. That we might passionately follow Him as our all-wise Leader, illuminating Light, and perfect LOVER!    
The Course: Find True Identity consists of three classes, the first being entitled Set Free to Live FreeFind True Identity is our Online Course starting place. Prerequisite to all other discipleship programs, series, and courses launched onsite. Our Online Courses page lists the entire course, and discipleship(s) scheduled to be launched over the next three years.

Making disciples changes the world. The Gospel changes lives. It is the power of God to make disciples, through God's gift of repentance that leads to a Life of saving faith.