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True Repentance Demostrated: PART 4
Why Do I Share This Story With You? 
There are several reasons—
1.I want you to hear my story from me and not from someone else first.  And time has taught me that someone will discover my story from somewhere or someone, eventually.  It’s not a secret.  It’s online!  And I am sure; there is more than one version of this story, depending on who you listen too.  Not to mention, there are those who would gossip and/or slander for political gains, or simply for the fun of it. 
My oldest son Aaron summarized it well.  He said, “Dad, it’s so hard to put your life back together because most people just won’t give you the chance”.  And I added, “They keep bringing up the past to haunt you, and even hunt you down with false accusations”. Yet, the Gospel is what sustains us amidst the culture’s opinions, even when its family.
2.I want you to know the real me completely.  To know me without reservation.  Because I want you to walk with Hope and I, in this journey of God’s Life.  Even when the road is rough. The consequences of a sin-filled life hunt and haunt quite often, even when the sin isn’t our own.
3.I want to be as transparently honest as I possibly can, because I know that the Gospel is the power of God that set me free.  And this same Gospel is the power that set you free, too.  It is the same Gospel power that reaches into the hearts of sinners to set free all who would believe, with a heart of true repentance that leads to a Life of saving faith, in Jesus Christ. 
But there is an important consideration about real freedom.  Sins may hunt and haunt, but ‘Christ has set us free to live a free life’ (Galatians 5:1 the Message Bible).  And there are some tools we can put into place that protect our families from those who would harm. 
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