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True Repentance Demostrated: PART 7
It Is True—
Sin is sin in the eyes of God, regardless of the sin or the degree of the sinning.  Yes, some sins are more fearful than others—like adult/child sexual conduct.  And sins like these may dive us into the depths of the abyss more than others.  But the Scriptures list murderers, liars, gossips, the sexually broken and disobedient children as all deserving of hell.  Seems cruel, doesn’t it? 
Modern culture would agree that such a view is cruel.  And a loving God would never send anyone to hell (except maybe Hitler).  But the Bible is clear—in Romans 1 and 1 Corinthians 6—all types and degrees of rebellion have one ultimate consequence—eternal death.  But real salvation is eternal Life evidenced by an ongoing sincere repentance (Acts 11:18); igniting a saving faith that reprograms—renews—how we think, choose, and feel about God, ourselves, and sin.   
The key, when confronted with another person’s sin—past, present, or future—is to always look for a viable demonstration of true repentance. 
NO ONE, who has ever struggled with age appropriate issues,
should ever want to or actually be alone with children. 
Such desires are a sign that that person’s repentance isn’t real.
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