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True Repentance Demostrated: PART 8
An Example
There aren’t any legal restrictions imposed upon me, concerning children of any age.  This is God’s mercy toward me.  His grace extends deeper into my heart.  Since my release from prison, February 21, 2001, I place a specific restriction on myself; which I believe demonstrates that God has graced me with true repentance.  I am never intentionally alone with a minor of any age or gender.  Why?  I can give you five basic reasons.
But bear with me on this first one. It may come across selfish. The first reason is—  
1.I love myself.  I know—selfish!  I don’t care what someone might think.  I don’t want to ever go back to prison!  And I truly appreciate every day of freedom the Lord provides me with. 
2.I love my wife and I am protecting our marriage.  Hope has committed her life to me, and I never want to hurt her with false accusations, or even worse, falling prey to past sins.  I never want to go back to thinking, choosing, and feeling gay—neither the lawful nor the criminal—for both our sakes.
3.I love you guys.  I cannot say I will never be alone with one of your children.  But I can promise I will never intentionally be alone with any child.  And if I find myself alone with a child, I will make every effort to remove myself from that situation, as quickly as possible. 
But the most important reason of all is... 
4.I love God!  I want to be a reflection of Him and His Life.  God has worked into me true repentance and saving faith, and I am working out His precious gifts, into my everyday experience.  Both repentance and faith are the continuing desire and practice of the true Christian.  That’s evidence!
And finally, number five...
5.I want to be a testimony of God’s Gospel power—THAT CHANGE IS REALLY POSSIBLE!  No matter what the culture believes about sexuality.  Regardless, of the modern propaganda portraying sexuality—the legal and illegal—as unchangeable.  The Gospel is God’s power to rescue the worst of sinners—even the sexually broken.  And I want to see the worst of sinners saved and learn how to live free, because we are set free in Jesus’ Life to live free (Galatians 5:1).
Repentance is the first and foremost characteristic of a broken person God has healed and continues to heal.  God accomplishes His work within us in a moment of faith, but we experience all that God has accomplished in us as we think, choose, and feel day after day for the rest of our lives on Planet Earth.  We learn.  We grow.  And we taste God’s goodness, moment by moment.  That’s soul experience... 
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