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True Repentence Demonstrated
Dear Reader,
Many, who know me or at least follow me online, know I have a very broken past.  However, you may not have many details of what that sin-filled life looked like.   So, I would like to share with you about my past brokenness, how the Gospel set me free, and how we as Christians might respond to the sexually broken.
First, let me unequivocally state, ‘our sovereign Lord Jesus has forgiven all my sin—past, present, and future.  And today, I live forgiven and not condemned, because Jesus has given me a repentant heart that has lead me into His Life—a Life of saving faith.  Consequently, my sins are never to be misunderstood as some badge of honor to parade about as, ‘look at what I’ve done’.  However, I have learned that God uses His Life living in and through me, as a testimony of what the Gospel accomplishes in the repentant and believing heart.
So in light of the Gospel, let’s briefly consider my past.  I lived as a habitual liar and professional thief, concealing and supporting a lifestyle of homosexual choices.
I suppose you could say, ‘I didn’t have to learn to lie, but I did learned to lie well’.  Why? So, I could cover the damaged emotions and disordered thinking, of my sexually stimulated young mind.  There is one truth about lying that is seldom spoken. To lie to others, one must first lie to themselves, and overtime risk becoming delusional.  But truth sets the liar free!
Lying paved the way into stealing, and I began steadily thieving around the age of 15.  By 22 I was already considered a ‘con artist’, in some circles.  Fraud was my profession—it was my job.  I studied and went to work with a toolset of lies and stealing.  Certainly my job was illegal, but it was lucrative for many years.  I wanted what I wanted, when I wanted it. 
I seemed to have a ‘knack’ for being believed, when I was lying through my teeth.  I thought I was king, and could get away with anything.  And I did for over a decade.  But like all brokenness, sin has its payday.  Yet it wasn’t like—I just messed up and got caught.  I had learned how not to get caught—never stay in one place, too long.  So why did I get caught?  How?  What happened? 
I got saved—and getting saved, changed my worldview and values—and stopped me from running!
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