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Find True Identity Discipleship Online Courses

NHE's Find True Identity Discipleship consists of the following courses. At this time, these courses are taught by Pastor Ron via Zoom; documents and diagrams are emailed to students at the appropriate times. Eventually, these courses will be online. But for now, Pastor Ron invites you to enroll here and once accepted begin the Find True Identity journey together with him. 

Find True Identity BASICS

Basics 1:  A Pardigm Shift (teachings & diagrams for Basics) 
Basics 2:  diagnostiX (homework documents for Basics) 
Basics 3:  Workshops (applications for Basics -- Find True Identity in the Bible's ... ... ..., etc.)
BASICS 1 & 2 must be completed before the Basics 3 Workshops. Once completed, you and Pastor Ron can then decide together what workshops come next and in what order. Workshops are more easily tailored to your specific needs. 
Our Exchanged Life Partners Offer... 
Our parent minsitry Grace Fellowhsip International, along with other Exchange Life Ministries offer various conferences, seminars, and workshops. Designed to equip Christians discover Jesus as Life. 
Grace Fellowship International Dr. Charles Solomon, Dr. John Woodward, Dr. Phil Jones adn the GFI Team
The GFI Conference -- The Wheel & Line Basics -- How To Exchange Your Life
GFI Seminar: Finding Joy
GFI Seminar: Finding Peace
GFI Seminar: Finding Freedom
Grace Notebook
Exchanged Life Minsitries Colorado & Dr. Don McReavy, Lee LeFebre (President Emertis), and the ELM CO Team
Level One: The Exchanged Life Conference
Level Two: The Exchanged Life Workshop
Level Three: The Exchanged Life Advanced Training
Level Four: The New Life Bible Institute
Grace Life International Mark Maulding and the GLM Team
Freedom Conference 
IOM America & Dr. Stephen Finney and the IOM Team 
Identity Matters 
Identity Matters Online Study
Network 220 can provide a more exhaustive list of other Exchanged Life Ministries' conferences, workshops, and seminars...