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Find True Identity Discipleship diagnostiX


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The 8 diagnostiX
These eight tools map your journey of coming to know Jesus as Life. Creating a personal Find True Identity Journal about how you are embracing Jesus as sovereign Lord, forgiving Lamb, and saving Life; how you are experiencing Him as rescuing Liberator, all-wise Leader, and Light-Source of Grace & Truth; and enjoying Him as the perfect Lover of your soul.
diagnostiX keeps you in God's Word, identifing and defining your struggles with biblical solutions. Learning to exchange your thougths, choices, and feelings—your affections, your values—for His. Taking you deeper into His Word and Life. Building biblical strategies for overcomng sin's hunts, haunts, and habits.
There are several types of diagnostiX. You will find two below:
Relational diagnostiX  
  • My Bible Walk (relating your soul to God, strategically through His Word and prayer; formerly known as Protectorates)
    • Romans 1 (.i.e., 1:1-17)
    • building Gospel truths with biblical strategies that protect and focus our souls (i.e., how we think, choose, and feel... which make up our affections/values)
  • My ABC Walk (relating your struggles with the details of acceptance, belonging, and competence—i.e., profiling your responses to relationships and events that have led to disordered thinking, destructive choices, and damaged emotions; also known as Life Messages)
    • Romans 2 (i.e., 1:18 — 3:20)
    • identifying what and how we think and feel, and why
  • My Flesh Walk (relating your struggles with the details of self-protection and personal motivation—i.e., profiling your flesh with God's Word)
    • Romans 3 (i.e., 1:18-3:20)
    • sketching our flesh (i.e., the good, the bad, and the ugly)...  mapping our default patterns, our behaviors and choices, into one of three fluid profiles.. i.e., I'm primarily motivated by:
      • moral ethics — I live as an immoral or moral person of Romans 1 & 2
      • legal ethics — I live as a law breaker or law keeper of Romans 2
      • religious ethics — I live as an irreligious or religious person of Romans 3
Apostle Paul labels sinners as 'disobeident children... under the wrath of God' (Ephesians 2:1-3). This sin, sins, and sinning condition and subsequent behavior can be summed up as 'sin ethics''... which can be divided into the three profiles listed above: moral, legal, and religious. Ultimately, humanity's struggles, even addictions, to any of these sin ethics' profiles can be seen as one stuck in and possibly overwhelmed by a cycle of sinning (Romans 3:9-20). Which sums up the human existence without God.  
  • My Prayer Walk Connections (relating your struggles to God through prayer and God's Word)
    • Romans 4 (i.e., 3:21—5:11) 
    • connecting the disorder, the destruction, the damage —i.e., the chaos— of life-shattering addictions and the false identities learned and developed from delusional intimacies,​​​​​​ revealed in My Life Walk and My Flesh Walk, with God's truth learned through My Bible Walk... this connecting encourages true believers to question and then listen to God​​​​​...
Freedom diagnostiX
Setting us free to learn how to live free. Learning to live from God’s LIFE—i.e., from Jesus’ Life living in and through us.
  • My Grace Walk
    • Romans 5 (v12-21)
    • setting the lies of the flesh beside the truth of the Gospel (defining grace: what God can do that I can't do
  • My Faith Walk
    • Romans 6 (v1-14)
    • an equation for living by faith in the truth of the Gospel (defining faith: know — reckon — yield — walk)
  • My Crazy Walk
    • Romans 7 (v17-25)
    • desires in conflict... the truth of the Gospel counters the devil's secret weapon (defining crazy: the 'me, myself, and I syndrome')
  • My Spirit Walk
    • Romans 8 
    • it's our good, our bad, our ugly exchanged for the good and right of Jesus' Life (defining Spirit Life as the believer's new nature, new identity, and new destiny)
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